March 23, 2018

The field of Energy Auditing is changing.

Energy Audits are a standard practice for companies embarking on energy efficiency projects and investments.  The process is essential for the Consultant in order to establish a meaningful inventory of all the mechanical systems consuming gas, water and electricity throughout a facility.   Utility payments history, weather data, production, management practices, and infrastructure information are then overlaid to create a baseline profile of how and where utility-related costs are being spent in an operation.  Once the “table is set”, system recommendations can be simulated to assess the bottom line cost-effect.   Based on this information a Consultant will recommend a suite of efficiency modifications to best lower utility and water charges to improve syst...

July 3, 2017

(originally published in the Chattanooga Pulse Magazine)

Efficient and renewable are the energy ways of the future.

Energy efficiency is not sexy. You can’t really see it. You can’t point to it. But it has enormous potential to affect the planet’s growing thirst for power.  According to a recent World Energy Outlook report: “By 2030, energy efficiency and behavior change will offset more CO2 than all new wind, solar and alternative energy generation combined.”

Say what?   

Think about it: Since the 1970s, the country’s economy has grown 300 percent while our energy demand has only grown by about 50 percent. How did that happen?  “We have built things lighter, brighter, leaner and better over the past 40 years,” says Ray Segars, principal of Expo Energy and former executive with the Georgia Power...

September 9, 2016

Traveling through south Georgia and southern Alabama; hot, windless and meandering. I am on a three day sales trip and survey. Contracts are ready, but I’m not really thinking about that.

The drive makes me ponder. Slowly. The land is still. I drive, not too fast, but definitely too fast for here.   Towns with names like Bainbridge, Cairo, Eufaula. There are crossroads in the middle of nowhere, and I drive to a stop and look for no one coming. Old homes stand lonely in front of long, hard roads, frozen in a time that has long since passed by. And gone away. No one’s in those houses, probably. There’s nothing here, except the wind that doesn’t move. Occasionally, and only maybe, a lost, mangey dog will appear from under a raised porch, maybe a couple of chickens pecking about. Crows hop across the r...

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