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A Recent Lighting Audit

It's not often an efficiency auditor gets to see the 3 least efficient lighting systems all in one room!

This is one of four enormous rooms.

It is currently being lit by eight foot T12 fluorescent lights (180W), 250 watt metal halide lamps and 200 watt high pressure sodium lights. Sheesh!

An energy efficiency consultant's dream!

These guys are using about 70% more electricity in this room than they need to, and the lighting is exceedingly poor to boot. A retrofit would payback in less than 2 years!

Waiting even a few months to retrofit these rooms is like leaving the faucet on for the entire summer. Any difference the client might find in vendor pricing is wiped out by delay of even a few short weeks.

I always tell my clients: "there is decision A and there's decision B. The worst decision you can make, however, is no decision at all"

It reinforces a fact that is often overlooked: efficiency upgrades over the next 10 years will reduce more CO2 in the United States than all renewable power projects combined!

And most projects will payback in 2-4 years. That's a 25%-50% return-on-investment.

Think about that...

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